Business Promotion Ideas for Start-Ups

The first thing that any new company should want to do is to ensure that it is reaching the right type of market. One thing that will cause many start-up agencies to stumble is visibility and without the right levels of promotion (and to the most productive types of audiences), even the most well thought-out business could soon find itself struggling to contend with the competition.

Of all of the options available from a marketing perspective, there are some that offer risky results that are difficult to predict, and others that focus on concrete results that have been tried and tested over time. These solutions are a great way for a company to increase their brand-name, whilst appealing to a larger market and growing their customer base. But what are these options exactly?

Promo Products

These types of products and accessories can be customised to suit any business and will typically be handed out as freebies to help with promotion and brand recognition. Items such as pens, pencils and rulers can be an affordable option for start-up companies, but there are also products such as printed caps, shirts and other items of clothing (including bags) that can be given out for free and then used to promote a brand whenever they are used.

Social Media Pages

Sites like Facebook allow their users to create branded pages for their businesses for free – with options to pay for a little more advertisement. As far as business promotion ideas go, the only market larger than that of social media is the internet itself and so being able to reach out and interact with those that use social media platforms can be of huge benefit.

Television Advertisements

Although a little more expensive when compared to either of the above two options, there’s no denying that TV ads can be a massive selling platform for online companies. Just a quick advert between shows can help to draw in thousands of potential customers – or you could minimise your costs by opting to advertise visually via platforms like YouTube.